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The lbl2cue conversion is pretty solid. I have yet to find labels generated by Audacity 1.3 or later that will not convert. Be aware that only the start point is used to create the cue sheet. If you're using region labels, the end point is not used. (Thanks, steve.)

The cue2lbl conversion is rather finicky. It examines only three field (record) types: FILE, TITLE and INDEX. The order that these appear in is important. The easiest way to see the CUE sheet format this tool knows how to parse, is to convert some labels first and look at the resulting CUE sheet output.

There are a couple of quirks to be aware of.

First, if more than one INDEX entry is found for a track, the last one is used and the previous discarded.

Second, for CUE sheets where there is one binary file per track, the FILE entry is checked first to find the track title. The path and extension are dropped and the remaining text is used as the first attempt at a track title. If a TITLE entry is subsequently found, then it is used for the title and the file-derived name is discarded.


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